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Photography Services

Get that Bizarre Experience


Personalised Photoshoot

Do you have an idea or just would like to do something special for yourself? Whatever the theme is we will bring your ideas to life. If you don't have any ideas do not worry we have plenty of them to pick from to suit your personality

We provide unique affordable photoshoots with or without makeup

Location Photoshoot

Did you ever dream of having your photos taken at a Haunted Mansion? Or maybe it was a nightmare..? We promise no one will be harmed in the process but guarantee a day you will remember and a few shots that will be most definitely out of the ordinary.

Location shoots are available one on one as well as the opportunity to attend one of our Public Shoot Days when we work with other photographers and other models so you get to have your photos taken not only one but by 1 or 2 other well established photographers as well

2emily alice 2.jpg

Put me on a T-Shirt

Imagine you just had the most awesome photoshoot and created some fantasy character you just want to be from now on. We cant promise you it would go down well at work but hey, at least you could wear the T-Shirt

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